A downloadable game for Windows

Sands of Osiris is the standalone sequel Vampirism Beast. In this multiplayer tower defense, waves of attackers spawn in the center of the map and try to break through the player's defenses.

Home page : http://sandsofosiris.com

Official Forums: http://reddit.com/r/sandsofosiris

Sands is scheduled to release in Q4 2015 and Alpha testing is open so download a copy and help me test my builds :)

The current map has over 15 bases for the builders to collect resource and construct their bases safely.

Recently, I added player-colored toon edges and new ability button graphics.

Watch out! If your defenses are too weak, the cobras will eat you alive!

Install instructions

In order to run Sands, you will need Java 1.6 and a graphics card that supports Shader 2.0. If you have any issues, please message me or post on the forums.


Sands of Osiris Launcher.exe 5 MB